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All You Should Know About Fitness Trackers and EMF

All You Should Know About Fitness Trackers And EMF

While trying to achieve your body goals, a fitness tracker is a handy tool to have around. Most fitness trackers provide information about body activities, including steps and sleep. The trackers use a gyroscope to measure many performances. The gyroscope works by detecting movements while performing an exercise such as walking, running, among others. Some trackers have Bluetooth that establishes a connection with the phone, too.

Although Bluetooth connection offers convenience, it is a significant source of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). If you are familiar with EMF radiations, you already know how harmful the emission is. EMF radiation increases tumor growth and affects fertility, among other serious health conditions.

EMF and Bluetooth

While not many studies are available on Bluetooth emissions, the few available pieces of research showed that it should not be neglected. For instance, a study discovered that cells within insects die after six minutes of minimal exposure. Sadly, Bluetooth radiation is yet to be regulated by the governments. Also, most devices release more than the acceptable level of exposure. In this regard, government standards come with two issues: Paucity of research on Bluetooth and Cumulative Bluetooth radiation. Without enough research about Bluetooth radiation, we can’t determine a safe level. 

Does every fitness tracker that works with Bluetooth?

A simple answer is no. Some products have no Bluetooth features. Also, some products allow users to deactivate the Bluetooth function. For those seeking a safe model to buy, check out the following options:

  • Garmin Vivosmart HR

Here is one of the few affordable models that allow users to deactivate Bluetooth function. Garmin Vivosmart monitors heart rate and features calorie tracker, as well as a step tracker. More so, it is designed with an altimeter that counts the number of floors climbed. This model also features vibration alerts, which help to maintain consciousness.

You can easily switch off the Bluetooth function by engaging the touch screen. Press and hold the screen to display the settings window. Afterward, check out the Bluetooth option, then deactivate it. Also, from an emission perspective, Vivosmart is highly recommendable as it does not feature WIFI. Furthermore, you only need to briefly activate the Bluetooth once per day to sync the tracker with the Garmin app. This model is available at $80.

  • Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2

For those who seek a versatile fitness tracker, then consider getting Samsung gear fit Pro 2. Some of the notable features on this device include heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, long-lasting battery, step tracker, and most importantly, you can deactivate the Bluetooth function. Also, this device is water-resistant.

To disable the Bluetooth, engage the settings window by swiping left. Then, scroll to choose the Bluetooth option. Afterward, you should uncheck to disable it. However, like the model discussed above, you need to enable the Bluetooth function once daily to synchronize the tracker. You can get a unit of Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 for $130.

EMF Fitness Tracker Conclusion

Although fitness trackers are useful tools to achieve your fitness goals, they are capable of contributing to your overall exposure to EMF radiation. Thus, endeavor to reduce the risk by getting fitness trackers without Bluetooth or products that allow you to disable the function. Hopefully, more research will be done on Bluetooth emissions that will enlighten more developers to include Bluetooth-disable option.



What started as a random trip down the rabbit hole. Became a moment of enlightenment. I was not aware of the dangers of EMF radiation. Now my intentions have turned into a life-inspiring journey. To share my research with as many as you as possible. Even though the threat of EMF is increasing. There are many practical solutions to keep ourselves protected. With wisdom... comes power!

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