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Low EMF Baby Monitors for Improving a Healthy Nursery

Low EMF Baby Monitors For Improving A Healthy Nursery

According to several studies, the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from baby monitors can contribute to severe health conditions. Considering that babies have highly thin skulls and small body size, they are more vulnerable to health issues related to EMF radiation. Thus, for the sake of the unborn child, expecting couples have to take necessary precautions to reduce the long-term health effects that may be caused by radiation from baby monitors. To help your effort and decision-making, I’ll be discussing all you need to know about low emf baby monitors in this article. Enjoy reading!

Do Baby Monitors Generate Emissions?

Most electronics usually release Radiofrequency (RF) radiation – and the wireless baby monitors are no exceptions. However, it is worth noting that several models of baby monitors are available in the market. Among the lots, the safest models are products that generate FM radiofrequency range i.e., low EMF baby monitor. But bear in mind that majority of baby monitors emit higher microwave range – similar radiation, both in type and level, to those coming off Wi-Fi and cell phones. The microwave range is known to be harmful to adults and even more dangerous towards the kids.

A Comparison between Analog Baby Monitors and Digital Baby Monitors

Baby monitors operate using either Analog or Digital signal. As you would expect, the safest baby monitor is the analog product. However, you’ll rarely find them in the US again. Analog model uses FM radiofrequency at 40MHz, which makes them low EMF baby monitors. Also, they function through sound only.

As for the digital models, they perform by using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT). These models work at higher microwave frequency (2400 MHz) – A frequency level that is highly dangerous compared to the analog models.

For those who like to use extra features on analog models, then you should be looking for low-emissions digital models. Alternatively, you can check out analog models with sound activation or eco-mode. These models generate low-emissions and become active only when a sound is detected. Thus, only a moderate level of radiation is released from the products.

Best Recommended Low EMF Baby Monitors

  • Safest Analog Monitors

Currently, it’s challenging to find analog monitors. However, they are the safest models. Right now, the only analog monitor that we could find is the Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor. This low EMF baby monitor comes with no extra features and uses only sounds at 49 MHz. You can easily attach the parent unit to your belt. A unit is available at $29.02.

  • Safe Low-Emission Digital Monitors

You can find two low-emission digital models in the market. Both products operate at 900 MHz. Although the frequency rate is higher compared to analog products, they are lesser than ideal digital baby monitors. The two models become active through sounds. The models are as follows:

  1. Sony MTM-900 900MHz BabyCall System: This model uses sound and light alerts. Check Amazon for the current price.
  2. Babymoov Expert Care: This product is designed with a superb range of 2650 ft. As stated earlier, it’s activated by sound. Check Amazon for the current price.
  • Digital Monitors Using Sound and Video Activation or Eco-Mode

Some people really love video-supported baby monitors. If you belong to this category, then the models below will suit your needs. Although the products are not low-emissions as they function at 2.4 GHz, they offer eco-mode or sound-activation quality to reduce EMF radiations. The models are as follows:

  1. Baeishiji Baby Monitors: Here is a highly rated model with a 3.5-inch camera. Also, it features a night vision, and a unit is available for $89.99.
  2. Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor: This model comes with audio-only mode and sound-activation mode. AVENT baby monitor features a 3.5-inch video screen, night vision, and room temperature tracker. Users can hang the monitor on the wall. However, it’s a bit costly at $155.47.
  • Most Advisable Option for Digital Monitors

Nuk BabyMonitor With Eco Control and Video: This safe baby monitor is highly useful that we have decided to put it in a single section. Before we begin, bear in mind that the wireless monitor is unavailable in the US. However, the manufacturer can ship it down to any American address. Thus, the shipping cost makes it more expensive.

It features two-way communication, power-saving mode, and night vision. More importantly, the safe baby monitor comes with “full-eco mode.” The mode helps the user reduce EMF exposure by 90%. A single unit is available for €173, which is $194.000 plus shipping cost.

  • Hardwired Monitor 

The safest method of using a baby monitor is through hardwiring. With this approach, you get to avoid Wi-Fi completely. All you need is a baby monitor with an Ethernet port and Ethernet cable, which is run to the baby’s room. The hardwired monitor helps reduce EMF radiations significantly. Although hardwired monitors are rare in the market nowadays, a highly rated model still exists – MOM&BB Baby Safe Camera Monitor.

This model features 2-way audio, night vision, and cloud storage. It is designed with an ultra HD camera, capable of pan-and-tilt function and 360-degree view. MOM&BB Baby Safe Camera Monitor is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.


We understand that choice is subjective. Thus, only you can choose the best model for yourself. However, regardless of your choice, endeavor to position the monitor at a considerable distance from your baby – the closer to the monitor, the more radiation that the baby will absorb. But ensure that the distance doesn’t affect the performance of the monitor. Finally, try to make a little research and decide reasonably while choosing a safe baby monitor. A responsible choice will go a long way in protecting your little baby.



What started as a random trip down the rabbit hole. Became a moment of enlightenment. I was not aware of the dangers of EMF radiation. Now my intentions have turned into a life-inspiring journey. To share my research with as many as you as possible. Even though the threat of EMF is increasing. There are many practical solutions to keep ourselves protected. With wisdom... comes power!

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