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What You Should Know About Solar Panel EMF Radiation

What You Should Know About Solar Panel EMF Radiation

Undoubtedly, solar energy offers many benefits. First off, it’s an ideal energy source that protects the environment as it does not pollute the atmosphere like coal. Although the modern solar panel can be expensive to install, it’s highly cost-effective in the long run. However, like most other technologies out there, despite the vast benefits of solar panels, it surely has drawbacks as well in the form of emf radiation.

Solar Panels and related devices generate electromagnetic field radiation (EMF), which are linked to several health issues. To learn more about solar panels and EMF radiation, endeavor to read this article to the end. It’ll surely come handy in making the best decision for yourself regarding the use of solar panels.

Solar Panels and EMF Radiation

To begin with, you need to understand how solar panels work. The panel acquires energy from the sunlight, then convert it to electricity. However, before any home can utilize the power, the energy will move through the wires in your home into an inverter. Now, the inverter will transform the energy into electric power, which is about 120-volt energy. Any home can utilize this amount.

Most times, the solar panel often generate more than what the house needs. So, many people usually save extra power in batteries or sell them to the electric power company. While sending the excess energy to the company, the electricity will pass from the inverter through a powerline. Smart meters measure the amount of electricity sent to the power company.

Most of the whole process is harmless to human beings as the solar panels release a small amount of extra-low frequency (ELF) radiation. However, the significant issue comes from the transmission of electricity from the inverter for home use and the smart meters used to track the amount of energy sent to the electric company.

EMF Radiations from Smart meters

Even though smart meters offer convenience, its usage can cause health issues over time. Smart meters work using radiofrequency (RF) waves before it can exchange information with a handheld device. However, the RF waves are a type of EMF radiation released in high doses by the meter. Once the emissions are released, they will be transmitted into various parts of the house, including the patio, yard, walls, etc. If you are unsure whether a smart meter is already installed in your home, endeavor to contact your electric power company to verify.

Dirty electricity

Once the excess amount of electricity is generated into the house, dirty electricity is likely to occur. This kind of electricity generates while converting energy from the solar panels to electricity through the inverter. The energy coming from the panel are direct currents (DC); however, alternating current (AC) is the house’s usable energy. So, while converting the lower-voltage direct current to higher-voltage alternating current, dirty electricity is developed. Sadly, dirty electricity produces a significant amount of extra-low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation. The amount of dirty electricity released into a given house will become highly significant in the long run.

Monitoring and Reducing Solar Panel Radiation in Your Home

Considering that EMF radiations from the inverter and the dirty electricity are potentially harmfully, it’s only right to monitor and reduce the exposure as much as possible. If you are using a solar panel system in your home and have a smart meter installed, you should apply the following measures to monitor and reduce your home’s radiations:

  • Get an EMF meter

First off, you need to purchase a high-quality EMF meter. Buy a product that can detect magnetic, electric, and RF radiations. In other words, choose a product with a wide frequency range, such as from 3000Hz to 300GHz. Once you have an EMF meter available, you can then check the radiation level within your home before setting up a solar panel and after the setup. All you need is to record the measurements before setting up the solar panel and then re-record it while using the solar panel. For any noticeable change, ensure that you record it. Also, the EMF radiation meter will come handy for checking whether the measures applied to reduce the exposure works or not. Simply recheck the radiation level after implementing the measures.

  • Use Smart Meter Covers, EMF Paint or EMF Barrier

If you want to keep selling the extra electricity to the utility company, you need the smart meter. So, since getting rid of the smart meter is not an option, you need to consider using smart meter covers to reduce the radiation. Once you put the cover on the smart meter, it will help prevent the EMF radiations from reaching your outdoor space. Alternatively, you can develop your smart meter cover. All you need is aluminum foil or any other material capable of repelling EMF radiation. You need to use an aluminum mesh so as not to block the signal.

Nevertheless, ensure that you cover the sides to reduce the emissions significantly. Finally, you can also use other EMF-repellants. For instance, you can paint your wall with EMF paint or hang EMF barriers to block the radiations.

  • Use Dirty Electricity Meters and Filters

Another useful measure to reduce EMF radiations from the solar panel is through dirty electricity meters. With the meter, you can determine the amount of dirty electricity in your house wiring. Simply plug the meter in different rooms to determine where the emissions are quite significant. Afterward, you should get the dirty electricity filters. With the device, you can dissipate a substantial amount of the excess electricity in your wiring.

  • Other Recommendable Measures

Aside from the measures discussed above, there are some wise decisions that you can make to reduce the overall EMF radiation level in your home. Considering that the emissions become particularly harmful when the concentration level is high, lowering emissions is essential. Among the other efforts that you can make is changing your CFLs and LED bulbs for incandescent bulbs. Also, you can use a router guard to block the emissions coming off your wireless router. You can even put extra effort by using only hardwire internet connections through ethernet – rather than Wi-Fi. By putting all these measures in place, you don’t have to worry about a significant emission level within your home.


Solar panels are undoubtedly handy technologies to provide sustainable energy. However, you need to take necessary protective measures to safeguard your health against harmful radiation. If you can’t get rid of your solar panel, practice essential steps to reduce exposure.



What started as a random trip down the rabbit hole. Became a moment of enlightenment. I was not aware of the dangers of EMF radiation. Now my intentions have turned into a life-inspiring journey. To share my research with as many as you as possible. Even though the threat of EMF is increasing. There are many practical solutions to keep ourselves protected. With wisdom... comes power!

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